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Al Gore's Messianic Movie
June 5, 2006

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

America is responsible for global warming.

At least that's what many of Hollywood's celebrity activists believe.

That myopic perspective is the reason why former Vice President Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," is resonating so deeply with the Hollywood Left and Democrat Party proletarians.

Laurie David, wife of Larry David (from "Curb Your Enthusiasm") produced the Gore-plugging vehicle. Like so many of the eco-chic in Tinseltown, Larry and Laurie drive Priuses to red carpet events and fly in non-hybrid, fuel-swigging private jets to get back and forth between their multiple energy-guzzling mansions.

The lefty punditocracy has been lauding Gore for his relaxed candid manner and for not acting like a politician. Wrong on both counts.

According to Gore, the world will end in ten years unless we avail ourselves of the only hope we have to survive.

Our saving grace is displayed throughout the film. From every left angle we see Gore thoughtfully looking at nature. We hear his exhortative tone, a single orator against the forces of enviro-evil.

The answer to our earth-shattering problems? Gore himself.

Because no viable solutions are offered in the movie, the whiff of politics hangs in the theater air.

Gore claims that his conclusions are scientific fact. But there's no empirical proof that the former veep's "The Day After Tomorrow" scenarios would or could be caused by global warming; no proof either that human activity is a substantial factor in altering something with as many variables as the climate.

The film ignores myriad scientists who acknowledge that temperatures are rising but who question the proprietary and selectivity of climate change research that allegedly supports Gore's hypothesis.

The film conveniently skips over the eight years that Gore was second-in-command. According to Gore's own exhibits, this was the time period in which the greatest warming trend occurred.

Gore puts the blame squarely on Americans, conveniently ignoring the polluting habits of China, India and Mexico, which are exempt from the Kyoto protocols.

With a straight face, Gore claims that China is "on the cutting edge of environmentalism," ahead of the U.S.

When "An Inconvenient Truth" opened in L.A., Larry David, Sharon Stone, David Duchovny and Garry Shandling were among the celebrities who turned out for their hero.

In other greenhouse-gassy celebrity news, longtime global warming lecturer and actor Leonardo DiCaprio is preparing his own documentary on the subject with an even more urgent title, "11th Hour." Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morrissette are narrators of a feature film, "The Great Warming," which is being shown in selected theaters this month. And when Brad Pitt returns from Africa, he'll no doubt help to promote a series about eco-friendly architecture that he's narrating for PBS, "Design: e2."

Meanwhile the Weather Channel has been predicting that this year six hurricanes will occur.

What does it mean for us? That we're likely to hear Gore attribute any and all disastrous weather to global warming, Pat Robertson claim it's all caused by sin and Howard Dean pin it on the GOP tax cuts.

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