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Bill Clinton Cookin' With Rachael Ray
April 30, 2007

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

When he's not playing "fundraiser in chief" for his wife's presidential bid or campaigning for an "ambassador to the world" gig, former President Bill Clinton tries to get his mug on the tube every chance he gets.

The latest cause he's gotten involved with is remedying childhood obesity and to get the job done he's paired up with TV cuisine queen Rachael Ray.

Clinton appeared on an episode of Ray's show and together they fixed a bowl of turkey Bolognese with whole wheat pasta.

"I love to cook," he said. "I used to cook a lot."

The show was the vehicle of choice to announce that Ray will work with Clinton's Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization the former president created to combat diabetes and childhood obesity.

This is the same Alliance that coerced soft drink and food manufacturers to sell healthier products in school vending machines and assisted schools in shaping up their lunchroom menus.

Clinton told Ray's audience of his lifelong struggle to stay slim and his weakness for fast food.

"I've got a scar down my chest to prove it," he said, referring to his 2004 quadruple bypass surgery.

Clinton emphasized the importance of addressing the obesity issue, and the consequences of failing to, by using a term that for the ex-president could be a bit risky.

After describing all of the perils of unchecked obesity, Clinton said, "It will be immoral if we let it happen."

In another Hollywood Nation story, "West Wing" actress Melissa Fitzgerald is reportedly in talks with Democratic Party officials in an effort to set up a run against Republican Jim Gerlach for the sixth congressional district of Pennsylvania.

Fitzgerald is best known for her portrayal of Carol Fitzpatrick on "The West Wing," the series that allowed Dems to live out their presidential, et. al, fantasies on the little screen.

Fitgerald's family is close friends with Gov. Ed Rendell and his wife Marjorie. Melissa campaigned for Rendell during the 2006 elections.

In addition, Melissa's mother is executive director of the Pennsylvania Society, which hosts a prominent event for political insiders in New York City, and her father was a recent addition to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Gerlach is a top target for the Democratic Party and is viewed as somewhat vulnerable.

Fitzgerald is among several prospective candidates being considered by party bosses, but the apparent goal is to settle on someone quickly so that the person can begin attacking the Republican ASAP.

Who knows, Fitzgerald may not only bring some Hollywood star power to the race, she might be able to get former TV president Martin Sheen to endorse her, which would likely bring a big smile to Gerlach's face.

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