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Bogus Headlines and Revisionist Flicks
June 21, 2004

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

These days lefty celebs must feel as if they've died and gone to political movie paradise.

First in the liberal nirvana lineup, there's the Michael Moore feature length DNC campaign ad called "Fahrenheit 9/11." You know the flick that's causing left-leaning critics to crow and Hezbollah to give it two thumbs off. The thing recently made its bicoastal debut via some star studded screenings.

Then there's "The Hunting of the President." Many of the same lefty celebs turned out for the screening of it as well. High profile viewers of both films included Glenn Close, Mike Myers, Lauren Hutton, Moby, Tina Brown and Al Franken.

Harry Thomason directed the "Hunting" flick. You may remember that Thomason and wife Linda Bloodworth were chairs of the 1993 Clinton inauguration.

Press releases claim that the film is a "groundbreaking political documentary," which "focuses on the smear campaign against Clinton from his days as Governor leading up to and including his impeachment trial." And that Hillary's notion of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" was an authentic "campaign to systematically destroy the political legacy of the Clintons."

The screening was held at a theater that is part of New York University, the same venue in which, not that long ago, Al Gore was stricken with mad Howard Dean disease. That reminds me of another liberal cinematic wonder. Stars were recently summoned to a Gore bore on global warming that was tied to the big screen joke called "The Day After Tomorrow."

Celebs also flocked to a benefit, where they fawned over Tim Robbins's theatrical Bush bash called "Embedded."

In an effort to keep the political mo going and stoke the Dem embers, at one of the "Hunting" screenings organizers came up with the added incentive of having a special guest star in the mix. They managed to get Bill Clinton himself, author of the newly penned "My Life," to show up.

There was supposed to be a panel discussion at the event, with The Week's Harold Evans acting as moderator. But surprise, surprise, the round table never happened. Bubba did show up, but apparently he wouldn't shut up.

Bill accused his enemies of seeking "to consolidate power and wealth in their own hands." Seems to me there was a little $12-million consolidation of the guy's own making in the form of, as the New York Times put it, an "eye-crossingly dull" biography.

Clinton explained that "when the Berlin Wall fell, the perpetual right in America, which always needs an enemy, didn't have an enemy anymore." He then boohooed that he "had to serve as the next best thing."

Meanwhile, as Hollywood celebrated the reports from media pals that indicated there was no relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida, those who took a peek at the actual writings of the 9/11 commission staff saw something different.

When you delve into the 12-page document, there's a revelation that Osama bin Laden actually asked for Saddam Hussein's help in setting up training camps like the one that existed south of Baghdad, which used a downed jetliner to practice 9/11-style hijack maneuvers. The report also contains a description of the many times Iraq and al-Qaida reps got together, and it wasn't just to have a few brewskies.

As Michael Moore and chums harp on how Bush, when making the case for a military response in Iraq, supposedly misled the public, a statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin is essentially being ignored. Putin revealed that, based on his country's intelligence, he warned us during the period after 9/11 and before the start of the war in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was preparing terrorist attacks on our soil.

Putin ran an intelligence agency, which was known for its aggressive methods and had a reputation for getting some pretty accurate information. Over the years his country had a fairly cozy relationship with Saddam and would likely have had a better understanding of what was going on over there than our own intelligence agencies.

Although the Putin story is obviously a news item of major significance, you probably won't see it in the mainstream media any time soon. They're too busy hunting for a Clinton legacy.

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