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Hollywood Nation

James Hirsen's Book (hardcover)
Hollywood Nation:
Left Coast Lies, Old Media Spin,
and the New Media Revolution

Book Description
Now entering Hollywood Nation—where fact blurs with fiction, virtue with vice

Millions of Americans are outraged by the radical politics of self-appointed celebrity pundits like Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, and Susan Sarandon. And actually, these stars’ public pronouncements could be the least of our worries, as New York Times bestselling author and media critic James Hirsen reveals in Hollywood Nation.

Now more than ever, Hirsen shows, Hollywood elites are blurring the lines between entertainment and news to force their views onto the rest of the country. With their politically charged films, distorted documentaries, and skewed docudramas, they’re trying to set the agenda with little regard for the truth. Even worse, many so-called journalists are doing the same thing, dangerously mixing information and entertainment in an attempt to ratchet up ratings—and to inject their own views into the news.

Hollywood Nation also reveals how the New Media are now leading the counterattack against the relentless liberal assault that comes from East Coast newsrooms and Left Coast studios. Through his extensive research and exclusive interviews with news and entertainment iconoclasts—including Bill O’Reilly, Mel Gibson, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Peggy Noonan, Laurie Dhue, and many others—Hirsen shows how liberals can no longer dominate the political and cultural debates.

With a sharp eye and a keen wit, Hirsen takes the reader on a fun and fascinating journey through this Hollywood nation of ours. Along the way you’ll discover:

•How mainstream media figures’ fame fundamentally distorts the delivery of news

•How far news organizations are going in their quest to sex things up—and what celebrity journalists are saying about the plastic surgery push

•An exclusive behind-the-scenes account of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ—a fascinating story that captures how the Left is finally losing its stranglehold on information

•A cable news journalist spilling the beans about a rival news channel’s commercial stunt

•How Michael Moore’s films are heralding a new trend toward over-the-top liberal propaganda—but how a newly emerging conservative Hollywood is fighting back

•How the New Media are shaking things up and evening things out

These days we’re just one big Hollywood nation. James Hirsen reminds us all that we need to pay attention to the Hollywood influence—not least because we must combat it.


 Hollywood Nation

James Hirsen's New York Times Bestseller
True Stories of Hollywood Stars and Their Outrageous Politics
With a new Afterword "Tinseltown's Election Connection"

Read about:

  • Hollywood's newest members of the
    "I Really, Really, Really Hate Bush" Club
  • What's the latest in Tinseltown's Bush-whacking wares
  • Who are the Left Coast Kingmakers
  • What flip-flops make up the wacky and wiggliest John Kerry wobbles
  • Which stars might play on Tinseltown's D.C. Dream Team

In Tales from the Left Coast, author and political commentator James Hirsen digs deep into the liberal underbelly of Hollywood to reveal how biased politics have corrupted the entire entertainment industry. Through extensive research and scores of interviews, Hirsen uncovers some of the most ridiculous, infuriating, and damning political stunts pulled by celebrities of yesterday and today, and he traces the tangled web of influence the Hollywood elite have over politicians in Washington, D.C.


The Coming Collision:
Global Law vs. U.S. Liberties

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

Will the UN be the UNdoing of American liberties? Before you dismiss criticism of the UN and other international organizations as the ravings of "black helicopter" cranks, read this extraordinary study by a conservative commentator who is also a practicing attorney. Prof. Hirsen documents that the UN is increasingly seeking expanded, supranational powers for itself, powers that are intended to displace both traditional American sovereignty and individual liberties. For example, this book reveals that in a secret codex of the 1992 UN Biodiversity Treaty (which President Clinton signed after his predecessor refused to), there are plans for the set-aside of vast, "human-free" zones within the territory of the United States (and not just limited to national parks, either) from which current human populations will necessarily be evacuated. "The Coming Collision" shows not only what is happening but also WHY it is happening. Simply put, a series of court decisions made earlier this century about the breadth of the constitutional treaty power, combined with the increasing abuse of so-called "executive agreements" (which are simply treaties enacted without the constitutional requirement of Senate ratification), have created a situation where UN treaties trump every other law in the US, including the Constitution! And all without the knowledge or consent of the American people. An essential book!



 Government by Decree:
From President to Dictator
Through Executive Orders

By Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
A Succinct and Timely Study of Presidential Power - Grabbing About 30 years ago, during the Viet Nam era, there used to be talk of "The Imperial Presidency," referring to the unconstitutional arrogation by the
Johnson Presidency in the Viet Nam conflict of war powers belonging to Congress under Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution. As Professor James L. Hirsen shows in this little gem of a political study, the problem of Executive encroachment on the Constitutional powers of other branches of the Federal Government has only got worse since then, principally through the device of the so-called "executive order." There is no mention of "executive orders" as such in the Constitution, and originally their use was confined to internal "house-keeping" functions within the Executive Branch itself. As Professor Hirsen shows, however, these "executive orders" (and now PDD's-for "Presidential Decision Directives") have in the last 60 years so greatly expanded their scope that they are, as this book's title warns, nothing other than decrees or ukases. "Government by Decree" in particular documents that executive order use has notably expanded under the Clinton Administration. A book for everyone concerned about our system of government.


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