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British Pop Star Hits Sour Note in Snubbing Obama

June 1, 2009
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Leona Lewis just turned her back on an invitation to sing for President Obama.

The British pop star says she's just too busy.

The singer was “thrilled” at being asked to perform, but “it clashed with her tight schedule,” the U.K. Daily Mirror quoted an unnamed source as saying.

Lewis is in a Los Angeles recording studio laying down tracks for a new CD, and she doesn’t have the time to entertain the first family.

Michelle Obama reportedly is a big Lewis fan and listens to her first album, “Spirit.”

Could it be that we’re seeing some loyal royal payback?

You might recall that President Obama gave some bizarre gifts to the Prime Minister and Queen of England a while back.

Remember the iPod and the clips of, well, him?

Lewis might think about softening her White House snub.

She could return the British favor by giving the president and his wife a Nano.

Another pop star, Rihanna, will be singing in L.A., but in a different venue: a courtroom.

Her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, had a bad week.

He released a YouTube video, in which he told fans he isn’t a “monster.”

But then he found out that the court drama probably will tell a very different story.

Prosecutors are going to subpoena Rihanna, and she reportedly will testify at a preliminary hearing in the case against Brown.

According to the police report, she’s going to have to give the ugly details of that supposed brutal night.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the alleged Rihanna beating, and he’s hired high-profile lawyer Mark Geragos to defend him.

If things go as expected, Rihanna will be subject to Geragos cross-examination.

Most celebrity cases end up with plea bargains, but Brown could end up spending more than four years in the slammer if he is convicted.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Rihanna is working on a new book: How I Lost 180 Pounds of Unwanted Fat — By Dumping Chris Brown.

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