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Clooney and Carville to Bash Republicans on HBO

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

When "The West Wing" took a dive in the ratings, creator-producer Aaron Sorkin deserted the sinking ship.

And when "Mr. Sterling" (the show that featured Barbra Steisand's son-in-law) was deep-sixed, fans of DNC-TV must have been in a panic.

Well, they have no need to worry. In Tinseltown, there's always another liberal piece of prime-time programming waiting to surface.

In this case, it's a little something from HBO and George Clooney. The cable giant and the cannonball are no doubt lifting lefties' hopes with a genre that ought to be called semi-reality TV.

"K Street," about the daily frolics of political advisers, is set to air on the cable network. It was showcased for the press at a recent gathering in Hollywood of Television Critics Association.

The series will apparently combine fictional characters with real-life Capitol Hill insiders. It will supposedly involve improvisation, with D.C. players such as James Carville, Michael Deaver and Mary Matalin taking part ­ and you can emphasize Carville.

After watching a few excerpts of the show, even some reporters seemed concerned about its political agenda.

This could be due to the fact that executive producer Clooney is the same guy who mocked Charlton Heston's infirmity, referred to the president as "dim" and said that the U.S. military "can't beat anyone anymore." (Editor's note: James Hirsen reveals George Clooney's leftist agenda in the new book "Tales From the Left Coast" ­ Click here now for more information.)

The actor, whose last three movies have bombed, was asked about the program's possible political predisposition.

"We're all dancing around the issue here," Clooney said via satellite, "which is: Is this going to be a big liberal show? I don't think that's an issue here. I hope it isn't. That's not our plan. Our plan is to try and show the process."

Clooney gave the impression that the show will not hesitate to present well-known individuals negatively. He said, "If you're a public figure and you've taken a public stance, all bets are off."

Translation: President Bush is my next target.

When a reporter asked Clooney how he would like it if he were put in a bad light on television without his permission, the actor responded: "You mean like Fox News? That happens to me every day. What, are you crazy?"

Clooney's attitude toward Fox News Channel's lack of leftist bias, combined with an obvious disdain for Republicans, gives an indication of what to expect.

If you believe there's a chance that "K Street" will depict conservatives in an evenhanded manner, Tucker Carlson has a pair of shoes waiting for you to eat.

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