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Michael Savage: Conservatism Is a 'Tsunami'
April 29, 2005

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Iconoclastic talk radio host Michael Savage continues to pull in audiences that Air America can only dream about. More than 10 million people a week listen to his thought-provoking and entertaining takes on the intricacies of life and events of the day.

Savage continues to satisfy the book lover's palate as well, with his inimitable turn of a phrase. He's a best-selling author several times over and has just done it again. His latest book, "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder," debuted at No. 6 on the New York Times best-seller list.

NewsMax spoke with Savage about some fresh Savage solutions to the nation's problems.

NewsMax: You sound optimistic and that brings up a point about your book "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder." This is an optimistic book, isn't it?

SAVAGE: That's interesting. I don't know. I'm accused of pessimism because of the pointing out of the problems, but each chapter concludes with a solution.

NewsMax: That's the thing; the subtitle of your book is "Savage Solutions." Tell me about some of the remedies.

SAVAGE: Well, I'll give you a quick one. We all wring our hands over illegal immigration, and no one has a solution. We come up with mad solutions such as deport them all, which we know is technically almost impossible. We have another solution, which is grant amnesty to them all, which is equally crazy, if not more so.

Well, I've come up with a solution, which is oil for illegals. There are 20 million of them, roughly, in this country. Mexico is sitting on one of the largest proven oil reserves in the world. They can afford to pay us one barrel of oil per illegal per month. By giving us 20 million barrels a month, it would go a long way towards helping us in many different ways. We consume 20 million barrels a day, roughly, of oil; so if we got 20 million barrels a month, that would take care of one-thirtieth of our needs.

NewsMax: That's essentially a double solution because we would be addressing energy dependency and illegal immigration at the same time.

SAVAGE: It is. It's a very brilliant one. It's never going to happen for obvious political reasons. And there's something much more at stake here than meets the eye. The next thing is, let's look at the war. Very divisive, country's divided. Even those who supported it are now saying get out, a good percentage of them. How do you stay in? How do you continue to do that work, if you believe in it, without continuing to anger half of America, or three-quarters of it? You create a program that was used in World War II called war bonds. That way those who back this war against Islamo-fascism can buy the war bonds to help fund it. And those who don't, don't.

NewsMax: Back to the subject of illegal immigration, to some extent inspired by your program and your advocacy of this issue, the Minuteman phenomenon ­ It's working, isn't it?

SAVAGE: Well, it's working, sure. No one got hurt. Not only that, the immigrants, the illegals, went around them. It embarrassed Bush, which he deserves. It's awakened Congress. Jeff Sessions gave a brilliant speech in an immigration debate about stemming the tide and saying we're not going to grant amnesty no matter what they say. There's a division within the Republican Party that's going to turn into a Grand Canyon very shortly.

NewsMax: It seems the Bush administration is unwilling to express approval for the Minuteman Project.

SAVAGE: Not only that. They're trying to take credit for something the citizens did themselves. But that would be like the old days of the Boston Tea Party happening, to protest the high taxes and tariffs on tea against the British government or the British monarchy while we were still a colony. What would [Senator Ted] Kennedy have said? Arrest them? Because Kennedy last week said that we should arrest them, fundamentally. Did you read that? Did you read Kennedy saying, "What are you going to do about these people? Are you going to patrol them?" It was unbelievable to me. Kennedy took the side of the foreign government. It's unbelievable to me.

NewsMax: Kennedy, Schumer, there's a group on the left that now seems to get all the press. Are they a source of material for you?

SAVAGE: Well, yes, it's like living up in San Francisco. People say, "How do you take it?" I say, "How did Voltaire take living in Paris when he spent his entire career parodying them?" I said, "Without the Parisians' absurdities and inanities, he wouldn't have had anything to write about."

NewsMax: When liberals talk about your book, some ask, "Is Michael Savage saying liberalism is a mental disorder as a jest, a parody? Is his tongue in his cheek, or does he really believe that we're all insane?"

SAVAGE: Well, let's look at it logically. Let's look at the crazy branch of the Democrat Party, which has unfortunately metastasized into a good 70 percent of the Democrat Party. Let's see what they stand for. They stand opposed to families, and they stand in favor of gay marriage. Is that sane? Is that a way of saving a civilization or killing a civilization? Let us look at every other issue. You have to ask yourself, "Is it for the survival of the society and the civilization, or does it work against the survival of the civilization and the society?" And I think you'll find out that liberalism literally works overtime to bring down and destroy Western civilization.

NewsMax: We're discussing the idea of liberalism being a mental disorder; you've talked about the sort of fringe liberals, the ones that are far from center, referring to them as a sausage, a blend of ideologies. In America, where is the center, in your opinion; where does insanity end and rational thought begin on the political spectrum, according to Michael Savage?

SAVAGE: Well, where does sanity begin with regard to the survival of America, I'd have to ask, because you have to frame the question with regard to one particular outcome. The outcome is, How can a society survive best? And the answer is, certainly you have to start with the basics, which is people getting married and having children. Because the day that stops happening, which already the day has come, [that's] the day the society starts to wither and die. I mean that's the basis of all nature, which is, you know, boy meets girl and have family.

NewsMax: Pope John Paul II used the term "culture of life," and you and I both reside in a state right now [California] that is spending billions on so-called stem cell research. We have a euthanasia bill that's just come out of committee.

SAVAGE: The progressives don't understand that they're lemmings pulling the society over a cliff.

NewsMax: I've often thought that if liberals would study economics, history and logic, they would abandon liberalism.

SAVAGE: I get the argument from time to time that liberalism has done great things, such as the civil rights movement and Social Security and child labor laws. I say, "You're a hundred percent right, but look at the emphasis of your sentence. Liberalism has done great things, but liberalism is no longer doing great things. Liberalism is now doing very great bad things. And so therefore you can't live in the past and say because liberalism was responsible for the civil rights movement, the liberalism of today is going to continue to liberate mankind. The opposite is happening.

NewsMax: That brings up these organizations; one in particular you talk about in your book is the ACLU, whose rank-and-file members believe that what they're doing is supporting certain freedoms. You call the ACLU the head of the snake.

SAVAGE: Yes. They're the most dangerous enemy of our survival. They're demonic. They stand against everything that is healthy and wholesome in this country. There is nothing that they stand for that makes sense to an ordinary person who wants to be protected by his government from enemies external and internal. There is nothing in anything that they do that stands for anything decent. Everything that they stand for is anti-American. Everybody knows that who studies them. Of course we could spend hours on the damage they are doing.

NewsMax: Is there something that makes it especially important for readers to get a hold of your book?

SAVAGE: Yes. First of all, it's a completion of the trilogy ­ "The Savage Nation," "The Enemy Within" and "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder." It's a trilogy. I'm not writing any future political books. That's it. It's over.

NewsMax: What about a prequel?

SAVAGE: No, I don't want to do any more. There's nothing more to be said. But the point I'm making is it completes a whole arc of thoughts of what needs to be done in this country. This book is filled with solutions. Most of us in the conservative movement are filled with complaints but have very few novel ideas as to solutions. This book has solutions for every major problem area, whether it be oil for illegals or war bonds, and that is a unique approach. It needs to be disseminated throughout America, particularly to the young. And I would recommend that people give it to their children. They are our only hope.

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