Hirsen Commentary & LINK Archives - 2005
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Spielberg's ‘Munich' Peace Plan

John McCain's Celebrity Triangulation

Behind the DreamWorks Sale

Purchasing Cable TV à la Carte

'Syriana' is George Clooney's Terrorist Treat

Justice Was Delivered in the Robert Blake Case

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame: The Movie

Hirsen Reviews 'Jarhead'

Barbra Streisand's Impeachment Fantasy

Celebrity Preaching and Teaching

George Clooney's McCarthy Movie

The Hunting of Tom DeLay

Schwarzenegger Riles the Left and Warren Beatty

Stars and Swipes

Hollywood Fantasizes About Hillary

Michael Moore Politicizes Katrina

Jane Fonda Hits the Anti-war Road

George Clooney Goes Oscar Hunting with Joe McCarthy

'Hollywood Nation' Newsrooms

Hirsen Reviews ‘The Great Raid'

ABC Producer Bares Hollywood Bias
Keys to a Hillary White House

Life on ‘The Island'

SEC Investigating DreamWorks

'Fantastic Four' Scores Despite Critics' Attacks

Will 'The Da Vinci Code' Movie Be Anti-Christian?

'War of the Worlds' Review

Bidding for Runaway Bride

Did Fame Play a Part in the Michael Jackson Verdict?

Can Michael J. Fox Be Cured Without Destroying Human Life?

Tom Cruise in Shrink Wars

Will Warren Beatty Run Against Arnold?

Dems Get PBS Investigated for Conservative Bias

'Kingdom of Heaven' ­ Truth in Limbo

Digital Cleanup of Hollywood

Michael Savage: Conservatism Is a 'Tsunami'

Sin City' Shows How Far We've Fallen

Jane Fonda's Selective Memory

Nostalgic for Stalin

Stanford's Stem Cell Mouseketeer

Classless Oscars

Mitt Romney Exposes Stem Cell Duplicity

'Winn-Dixie' a Winner

Culture Buzz

Oscar Musings

Why 'The Passion of the Christ' Is Being Ignored

Gibson Wins People's Choice Award for Favorite Film Drama

'Hotel Rwanda'

Year-End Oscar Buzz

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