Hirsen Commentary Archives - 2006

Hollywood's Top 10 Political Stories

A Review of 'The Pursuit of Happyness'

Mel Gibson's ‘Apocalypto' Fresh and Ferocious

Michael Richards Chases Healing

O.J. Schemes for Profit

NBC's 'Dateline' in Another Controversy

The Democrats' Conservative Strategy

Media Use Rush as a Distraction From the Facts

George Soros and Howard Dean Conspire With Media

Christian Dad Not Told Truth About Madonna

Tax the Celebrity Rich

Bob Woodward's Tabloid Tendencies

NBC's Double Standard

Bono Moves to Holland to Avoid Taxes

'Hollywoodland' and Others – Go or No Go?

This Weekend's Movies: To Go or Not to Go?

Female Fans Turned Off by Tom Cruise

JonBenet and the Hollywoodization of the News

The Hezbollah Version of History

The Politics of Michael Moore's Film Fest

Mel Gibson's Apology Not Enough for ADL

Bush's 'American Idol' Summit

Oliver Stone Shines on 'World Trade Center'

Senator Orrin Hatch Hip-Hops to the Rescue

Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon's Hollywood Hunger Strike

Is Jon Stewart Hurting Democrats?

Let Internet Freedom Ring

Streisand Out of Retirement

Al Gore's Messianic Movie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Rule Namibia

Hirsen on 'Da Vinci': Where Did The Story Go?

Hollywood Craze: Baby Before Marriage

Poll: 'Commander in Chief' Paves Way for Female President

Andy Garcia Flambés Fidel

Legally Speaking, Rush Won Big Time

"American Dreamz" Is Not Serious

Neil Young's Falsetto Impeachment

Hirsen Reviews 'United 93'

HBO Movie and the Illegal Alien Protests

Dixie Chicks Try Comeback Through Controversy

Jessica Simpson 'Loves' W

Osama bin Laden's Niece to Star in Reality Show

Oscar Blinks

Oscar Outrage

Richard Dreyfuss: No Liberal?

Actor Gary Sinise: Positive Support for Iraq

Bush Blamed for Armstrong-Crow Breakup

Bono's Lobbyist Lecture Circuit

Hollywood Acts for the U.N.

Oprah Backs Away From James Frey

Hollyweird Happenings

Gayety at the Golden Globes

Oscar Indicators

2006 Trends in Entertainment

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