Hirsen Commentary Archives - 2007

‘Charlie Wilson's War’ Credits Democrat With Cold War End

Obama Erodes Hillary's Lead

Barack Obama’s Oprah Card

Party of the Rich Includes Democrats

Hollywood Celebrities Hide Conservative Views

Politicians Weigh in on Hollywood Writers’ Strike

Redford’s ‘Lions for Lambs’ Penned by Clinton White House Intern

‘Saw IV’: Incredibly Sick Content

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Rush Limbaugh Treatment

Nicole Kidman’s Faith Shifts ‘Golden Compass’ Needle

Bruce Springsteen Sways to the Left

Stephen Colbert Gets Sued

O.J. Simpson in Court Again

Oprah's A-List Obama Fundraiser

‘Heroes’ Actress Ali Larter Gets Real

Rosario Dawson Finds Her Film ‘Horrifying’

More Anti-war, Anti-U.S. Movies

China Bans ‘Rush Hour 3'

Study: 87% Say Celebs Over-Covered in Media

Left-Wing Pressures Fox News Advertisers

Hollywood Child Labor Abuse

Atheism Becomes Trendy

Jennifer Anniston, Madonna Offer Tips

No Pulse in ‘Sicko'

Paris Hilton and Checkbook Journalism

Michael Moore's ‘Sicko' Stunts

NBC Shows the Love for Rosie and Gore

Diary of a Mad Hilton?

Hillary Flirts With Hollywood

That's 'Advertainment'

Michael Moore at It Again

Prison Break for Paris Hilton?

Bill Clinton Cookin' With Rachael Ray

Courtroom Showdowns for Baldwin and Spector

Unfairness of the Fairness Doctrine

Phil Spector Prosecutor Seeks to Exclude Movie Scenes

Howard Stern Plots Against ‘American Idol'

Anna Nicole Smith Legal Analysis

Michael Moore Attacked From the Left

Accused Child Molester Goes to Disney World

Carbon Offsets and Guilt Relief

A ‘Judge Larry Show' in the Wings?

The Media's Mormon Fixation

Study: Real Men Like Chick Flicks

Hollywood's Revolving Rehab Door

Hollywood Rebuffs Hillary, Embraces Obama

Angelina Jolie and Madonna

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