Hirsen Commentary Archives - 2008

Jennifer Aniston Wallops Brad at Box Office

Bernie Madoff's Hollywood Victims

Rahm Emanuel Missing in Action

Obama Could Learn a Lot From FDR

DeCAprio's October Surprise

‘Twilight’ a Smash Hit Without Sex or Violence

Obama should Apologize

Michael Moore's Take on the Financial Crisis

Sarah Palin’s Star Will Continue To Shine

Democrats Get Free Pass From Media

Bailout Bill Packs Pork for Hollywood

'SNL' Ratings Soar From Palin Appearance

Oliver Stone Commits Foul Play with ‘W.’

Obama Should Apologize for the Hollywood Hate

Joe Biden’s Extreme Hollywood Makeover

'Carol' Offers Mother Lode Against Left

CBS Distorts Palin Interview

YouTube Censors Obama Abortion Record Video

Savage’s 'Psychological Nudity' Bares More Than Politics

In Memory of George Putnam - Real-Life Legend

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'October Surprise'

Hollywood Blasts Palin Pick

Joe Biden Ignored by Hollywood

Hollywood Fundraises for Obama

John Edwards Funds Mistress's Hollywood Films

McCain Ads Jab at Obama

Media Ignore John Edwards' Hotel Hookup

Film Minimizes Roman Polanski's Crime

Rapper Slams Jesse Jackson Over Obama Insults

PETA on the Prowl for Sharon Stone

George Clooney Tries to Mediate Actor’s Spat

David Geffen Using the Media to Make a Deal?

A-List Actors Losing Their Leverage

Hollywood’s Unions Battle It Out

Angelina Jolie Touts Gun Ownership

‘Indiana Jones’ Irks Communists

Michael Moore’s 'Blame America' Film

Schwarzenegger Tries to Halt ‘Ugly Betty’ Move to N.Y.

Tom Hanks Compares Obama to Reagan

Why Wesley Snipes Got the Maximum

Rob Lowe Charged With Sexual Abuse

Clooney's Endorsement Dilemma

Charlton Heston: Larger Than Life

Paris Hilton, Role Model?

Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest Clash

Holocaust Book a Fake

Will Hollywood Trial Hurt Hillary?

Hillary Cries Out to Hollywood

Possible Legal Woes for New York Times

Britney Spears Files a Civil Rights Lawsuit

‘Britney Law’ Proposed in L.A.

Hollywood Bucks Back Obama

Jessica Simpson and Celebrity Superstition

Oliver Stone to Direct Bush Biopic

Disney Disses Striking Writers

Tom Cruise Makes Pact With Writers

David Letterman Makes Deal

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