Hirsen Commentary Archives - 2010

The Obama-Oprah Love Fest Continues

Michael Moore and WikiLeaks Founder Team Up

Miley Cyrus Video May Prompt New Drug Law

Bristol Palin Defends Sarah Against Margaret Cho

Could 'Toy Story 3' Be the First Best Picture Toon?

Sarah Palin Takes On Gossip-Monger Gawker

CNN Embarrassed by Spitzer Documentary

Olbermann’s Indefinite Suspension Ends

Stewart and Colbert Hold Rally About Nothing

Clint Eastwood Takes Aim at Obama

‘Jackass 3D’ Tops the Box Office

Bill Maher Slams Religion

Van Tran Gaining on Democrat Loretta Sanchez in Calif.

Is Detroit Becoming the New Hollywood?

Jerry Brown Neglects Duties to Seek Publicity

Despite Hollywood Assist, Barbara Boxer Predicted to Fall

Blockbuster May Be Headed for Bankruptcy

Justice Department Helping Hollywood With Copyright Enforcement

'Jersey Shore,' Reality TV Taking Over

‘The Expendables’: Schwarzenegger, Stallone Ham It Up

Subversive Historian Howard Zinn Duped Hollywood

Barbara Boxer Gets Hollywood Help

Did Roman Polanski Get an Assist From the Obama Administration?

Offensive Sarah Palin Song Gets Emmy Nomination

Why Elena Kagan Makes Hollywood Nervous

'Twilight' Reveals Vampire-Style Traditional Values

‘Toy Story 3’ Has Strong Conservative Message

Hollywood a No-Show at Gulf Oil Spill

Jerry Brown Burning Hollywood Cash for Gov. Bid

Rush Limbaugh Movie Not So Promising

Elton John Sings at Rush Limbaugh's Wedding

Obama Seeks Hollywood's Help With Oil Spill

Art Linkletter, Eternal Optimist

Economist on 'Bill Maher' Says Buy Spam

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson Slammed for Views on Arizona Law

Woody Allen Wants an Obama Dictatorship

Comedy Central’s Cartoon Hypocrisy

'Iron Man 2' a Victim of Hollywood 'Sequelitis'

Jay Leno Faces Tough Crowd at White House Dinner

Time Magazine List Mixes Pop and Politics

Sarkozy's Delivery of Polanski Plea to Obama Is Absurd

Kelly Ripa Fundraising for Global Green USA

Tiger Woods Roars Back

Crime Pays for Chicago Politicians

The Bond Saga Continues

'How to Train Your Dragon' Reaches No. 1 at Box Office

Tiger Woods, Bullock Endure Sordid Scandal Details

'Remember Me': Less Than Memorable

The Twisted History of Tom Hanks

'Alice' Premiere Tops 'Avatar' for 3-D Box-Office Record

Fearless Oscar Predictions

‘Family Guy' No. 1 for Indecency Complaints

Film Company Calls 'The Crazies' a Movie With a Message

Obama Sets TV Trap for GOP

SEC Places Global Warming Burdens on Companies

Michael Jackson Doctor Case Gets Under Way

Geithner's Backdoor Bailout for AIG

Michael Moore Takes Aim at Obama

Obama's Supreme Court Slam Lowers Bar

Screen Actors Guild Awards Generate Oscar Buzz

Conan Severance a Federal Bailout?

Ebert Slams Limbaugh Over Haiti

O'Brien Sends NBC Bittersweet 'No' to Shake-Up

Conan to Flip From NBC to Fox?

'Avatar' Riles the Right

Obama Aide: No 'Smoking Gun' for Smoking Shorts Attacker


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