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The Emmys Veer Left
July 21, 2004

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

It's politically correct Emmy time again. You know the time when ideology outshines quality.

In taking a past leftward tilt even further, this year's Emmy nominations have jumbo-sized PC initials plastered all over them.

The Viacom debacle called "The Reagans," which had to be shuttled from CBS to Showtime because of adverse public reaction to the cinematic maligning of one of the most beloved presidents and his wife, received a preposterous seven Emmy nominations including Outstanding Movie, Lead Actor and Lead Actress.

This despite the fact that a whole lot of critics slammed the TV mini-series for its weak writing, acting and makeup that mimicked Al Gore's airbrushed 2000 presidential campaign mortuary look.

HBO's tedious and trite miniseries called "Angels in America" scored twenty-one nominations. The work basically consisted of six-hours of shopworn symbolism, Reagan besmirching and liberal championing. Although some members of the cast were impressive and some of the scenes well done, it wasn't really enough to warrant a 21-gun Emmy salute.

Coincidentally or not, the TV series that received the most nominations is the same one that leads in liberal content. It's NBC's "The West Wing," which in its television history has been on and off life support a number of times. While the show has lost its creator Aaron Sorkin and has frequently failed in the ratings game, it has a couple of major things going for it Emmy-wise. It consistently whacks Republicans. And this is an election year.

Maybe, in trying to come up with the nominations, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences was distracted by the task of having to determine which selections would be most appropriate for Outstanding Reality Program and Outstanding Reality-Competition. So much vapid programming to choose from, so little squandering time in which to do it.

Or maybe it was distracted by the hate so many of its members harbor for past and present Republican commanders in chief.

Whatever the case, things don't bode well for our friend Oscar. I wouldn't be surprised if this year we see him clothed in PC attire as well, carrying a placard that reads "I Love Michael Moore" and being escorted by a former Slim-Fast spokesperson.

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