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One Hard Working President

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

It is such a relief. The broadcast news media are not about to distract the American public with new prejudicial attacks on this ever-industrious president of ours. I mean, the economy is great. Why should we have to worry about esoteric subjects like national security? The death of Frank Sinatra and Warren Beatty's new film are far more important and newsworthy subjects.

I know some supposed new evidence has come out that a high-ranking, female, military officer from China named Liu Chao-ying sent Johnny Chung more than $300,000 for campaign contributions during the 1996 U.S. elections. But, hey, my 401k is doing fantanstic.

The Clinton administration has said that they didn't have any knowledge where the load of cash that Johnny Chung ultimately brought to the White House came from. If Bill Clinton tells us he didn't know, he must have been working so hard for the American people that he just didn't have any time to pay attention. He was probably so distracted from his grueling workload that he didn't even notice that in July of 1996, Ms. Liu, who is also a prominent member of the Chinese Communist Party, had her photograph taken with our persevering president at a California fund-raising dinner.

Now just because those right-wing conspiracy fanatics don't believe he is telling the truth about never having had improper relations with Monica Lewinsky, they simply can't bring themselves to believe this president.

I vaguely remember hearing some scuttlebutt about money being funneled from China once before. Back in July of 1997, that bitterly partisan character, Senator Fred Thompson, said something to that effect when he started one of those many Republican investigations. The broadcast media assisted the Democrats on the Senate committee in properly deriding Thompson for such wild speculation. A Democratic report at that time emphasized the failure of the committee to uncover a single shred of evidence to back up Thompson's ridiculous claims.

Now the Republicans are saying that just because the Democrats in the House have refused to grant immunity to four so-called "significant" witnesses, and that 91 individuals have either taken the Fifth Amendment or fled the country, this is somehow obstructionist behavior. The next thing you know some Republican is going to ask Janet Reno to appoint another special counsel.

They just keep trying to stop this President from doing the important things in his job. Our children need to be rescued from the evils of the U.S. tobacco industry. We're in desperate need of more and better family leave legislation. Some people even want to stop our president from taking his scheduled visit to China. He accomplishes so much work for all of us when he travels throughout the world. After all, would we ever be able to apologize this much without the silver-tongued communication skills of our commander-in-chief? He and his entourage of 1,200 should go to China and apologize for the malicious allegations that are being circulated by right-wing organizations in our country like the New York Times, and mean spirited extremists like Senator Daniel Patrick Monahan.

I know that there has been another rumor circulating lately. Something about more than $600,000 in donations given by Bernard Schwartz, chairman of Loral Space and Communications Ltd. Some are implying that just because our diligent leader signed a waiver to export guidance technology to China that he was influenced by these campaign contributions. The accusers are suggesting that we should care whether or not the Justice Department opposed the presidential waivers for the satellite technology and expressed fear that this technology would enable Beijing to point long-range nuclear missiles more accurately at the United States.

The president has welcomed an investigation into this whole matter. He said that he will provide more information, not less, and that he would provide it sooner, not later. I can't for the life of me understand why these intemperate and unreasonable partisans won't believe him. I am sure that if I check with Geraldo tonight, I'll probably discover that Kenneth Starr leaked this entire tale to the media.

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