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Hillary Cries Out to Hollywood
March 3, 2008

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Hillary Clinton got a double boost from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

For two weeks running, the show featured sketches that supported her campaign’s contention that the media have given her a raw deal.

In the first “SNL” bit, the press groveled at the feet of Hillary’s rival, Barack Obama. In fact, the real life Hillary actually asked voters to check out the video of the sketch on NBC's Web site. In the second “SNL” bit, a fanciful farce hit the same theme, with NBC anchors throwing tough questions at Hillary (played by Amy Poehler) while pitching softballs at Obama (played by Fred Armisen). Then the real-life Hillary entered the scene to give an editorial response.

The spoof set the stage for another Clinton campaign tactic, which was put into motion the very next day by a likely surrogate. While appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Dianne Feinstein flung out the woman card, but she must have grabbed it from the bottom of the deck.

Declaring that there has been gender bias in the campaign, Feinstein claimed that newspapers have spent time covering “really picayune things about Senator Clinton - her hair, her suits.”

The reason for this, according to the California senator, is “the insecurity of having a woman running for this office.”

“I read a lot of stuff which is really irrelevant to the kind of president she [Hillary] will be, and I think some of it is driven by the fact that it's easy to hit at a woman,” Feinstein said. Hillary’s new campaign song is rumored to be “I Am Woman, Hear Me Sniffle.”

Something that probably really turned on Hillary’s faucets was when she found out about the Hollywood star who was campaigning for Barack Obama in Texas just prior to the Super Tuesday sequel.

It seems that on the eve of the Texas shootout, Hillary got a little help from Wisteria Lane.

Eva Longoria Parker, who is a featured star on the ABC television show “Desperate Housewives,” rushed to Sen. Clinton’s side to rally some last minute support in Austin, Texas. “As a native of Texas, I know our state and our nation faces big challenges ahead of us,” Longoria Parker said. “Hillary has proven she has the strength and experience to deliver the change we need.”

Adding more feminine symbolism to the event, a fellow actress joined in the mix.

Melanie Griffith, who starred in the movie “Working Girl,” was also on hand to lend some Hollywood assistance to Hillary’s campaign.

How did Obama fight back?

Well, his campaign snagged Halle Berry to campaign in the Lone Star State. It’s unusual to have Halle Berry, Melanie Griffith, and Eva Longoria Parker in the same locale.

Odds are that Bill is making a beeline to Texas to provide his special kind of help.

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