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Hollyweird Happenings
January 23, 2006

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

When late-night host Conan O'Brien first noticed that a Finnish female president seeking re-election was his doppelganger, he knew he'd struck comic gold.

But how could O'Brien ever have anticipated that as a result of his ribbing, and the routine airing of his show in Finland, he'd end up knee deep in an international election controversy?

Conan made his support for Finland's Tarja Halonen a feature of his nightly talk-fest, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." "Why do I support Tarja Halonen? Because she's got the total package: a dynamic personality, a quick mind, and most importantly – my good looks," Conan explained. The NBC host's endorsement apparently ticked off Tarja's opponent, Finance Minister Sauli Niinisto.

"He's just making fun of the whole election," the campaign manager for Niinisto said.

There's no comment yet on whether Hillary intends to opt for the Conan doo. Meanwhile the Golden Palace Web site is paying out large sums of money for wacky celebrity stuff.

Noted for its unusual assortment of memorabilia (that incidentally includes a partially eaten cheese sandwich thought to contain the image of the Virgin Mary, which sold for $28,000), the company claims to have purchased a recent Angelina Jolie ultrasound (possible offspring of Jolie and Brad Pitt) for $38,000.

A written press release declares that the company is "always on the lookout for unconventional ways to make headlines."

The firm also paid $25,000 for a William Shatner kidney stone, which was passed last fall by the "Boston Legal" actor.

Fortunately, the money raised from the sale of the stone will go to Habitat for Humanity.

"This takes organ donors to a new height, to a new low, maybe. How much is a piece of me worth?" Shatner quipped to The Associated Press.

Geena Davis may not be sporting a stone that large on her finger, but she's acquired an additional notch on her belt.

Davis' Hillary paver "Commander In Chief" has emerged as an ABC fave while NBC's "The West Wing" is about to bite the dust.

After a slew of awards and heaps of liberal acclaim spanning seven seasons, NBC evidently could no longer prop the Dem fantasy up and ignore its poor ratings.

The TV drama will purportedly fold up its set; that is, unless it manages to be kept alive through the lobbying efforts of Al-Jazeera.

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