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Hollywood Fantasizes About Hillary
September 19, 2005

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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In my new book, "Hollywood Nation," I expose the way Hollywood is aggressively pushing an agenda with its increasingly slanted "entertainment" product.

Set to debut in a couple of weeks is one of the most over-hyped TV shows to hit the small screen since the launch of "The Left Wing" and its rabble-rousing Malibu prez.

If you happened to be in So Cal over the past few months, you're probably among the many who suffered multiple migraines after being repeatedly hammered with billboard messages proclaiming that "This Fall a Woman Will be President."

What folks were being programmed to tune in to was ABC's "Commander in Chief," a series that has a cast that resembles the lineup of a major motion picture. It apparently has a big-screen marketing budget to match.

Promo for the program actually began last July. The major roles are played by big-name stars including Oscar winner Geena Davis, whose character is the vice president (an independent, not a Republican) and who, after the Republican president has a stroke, becomes the first female president of the United States.

Veteran film actor Donald Sutherland plays a conservative speaker of the House. In case you're wondering what kind of attitudes he might bring to his role, a decades-younger Sutherland accompanied Hanoi Jane on her infamous journey to Vietnam.

Sutherland recently did an interview with the Times of London where, referring to Katrina, he described the United States as a place "where they talk about family values but leave people to drown." He also praised the French for their family values, spoke of the "evil" Tony Blair, referred to the Bush administration as "one of the most mendacious governments in the history of the world" and ranted about the war in Iraq and why he believes it's a bigger crime than Vietnam.

Also to appear on the upcoming show is Natasha Henstridge, best known for her movie roles in "Species" and "The Whole Nine Yards." Henstridge has purportedly signed a one-year deal and will play an assistant to Sutherland's character.

Actor and longtime radical activist Peter Coyote will play the vice presidential nominee chosen by Geena Davis.

The show has the potential to emit the same sort of odor that wafted off the CBS Reagan mini-series. Like Geena Davis, creator/executive producer Rod Lurie is a Democrat and has acknowledged that his show may help Hillary.

The New York Times affectionately dubbed the show a "liberal fantasy."

Let's make sure it stays that way.

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