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Hollywood Rebuffs Hillary, Embraces Obama
January 22, 2007

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Hollywood heavyweights are standing in line to host fund-raisers and write checks for a Democratic presidential candidate.

But much to the chagrin of a certain ex-president, the current toast of Tinseltown is not Hillary Clinton. It's Barak Obama.

In fact, the junior senator from New York has received a series of snubs from Hollywood luminaries.

Snub 1. David Geffen

David Geffen used to be one of the most valuable supporters of Hillary Clinton's hubby, a so-called F.O.B. But apparently the Hollywood music mogul doesn't feel the same enthusiasm for Hillary's budding presidential campaign. "She can't win, and she's an incredibly polarizing figure," Geffen publicly uttered.

Although Geffen hasn't said it outright, there are indications that he may throw his support behind Barack Obama.

Geffen donated $2,000 to Obama's 2004 senate campaign, according to the Newsmeat Web site.

Sources in Tinseltown claim that Geffen and his partner, fellow kingmaker Jeffrey Katzenberg, are going to host a fund-raising event for Obama's presidential campaign within the next several months.

Snub 2. Ari Emanuel

When Obama traveled to Orange County, Calif.'s Saddleback Church in 2006, he attended a "meet and greet" at Ari Emanuel's home.

Demi Moore, Moore's husband Ashton Kutcher, Norman Lear, and Christine Lahti were in attendance, according to Time magazine.

Emanuel, brother of congressman and famed Clintonista Rahm Emanuel, is the inspiration for Jeremy Piven's Hollywood agent character on the successful HBO show, "Entourage."

Ari plans on entertaining some Left Coast cash cows for Obama in February, according to the New York Daily News.

Snub 3. Arianna Huffington

For years Arianna Huffington has been grousing about Hillary Clinton's "endless triangulation."

In a December 2006 Los Angeles Times article titled "Hillary's too vane to be president: It didn't matter much that Sen. Clinton is a fickle leader — until Obama came along," Her Blogness wrote that Clinton is "the quintessential political weather vane."

"All at once a surge of enthusiasm and support for Obama is threatening to ruin all of Clinton's perfect plans. She thought she had the momentum, but it's Obama who has the wind at his back," the Hollywood Pied Piper wrote.

Snub 4. George Clooney

During the summer of 2006, George Clooney called Hillary Clinton "the most polarizing figure in American politics."

Clooney also said, according to the Times of London, that he was "frustrated and disappointed" that Clinton and other Democratic leaders had "backed themselves into a corner" over the Iraq war.

In October Clooney exuberantly declared, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, that a presidential run by Obama "would be the most electrifying thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Kennedy."

Clooney also coughed up a $2,000 check for Obama's 2004 senatorial campaign.

Snub 5. Susan Sarandon

In March 2006, Susan Sarandon told More magazine, "I find Hillary Clinton to be a great disappointment.

"She seems to be a very bright woman. I've met her. But she's lost her progressive following because of her caution and centrist approach. It bothered me when she voted for the war," the actress-activist said.

At least Sarandon didn't echo her main squeeze Tim Robbins's sentiments.

On an Air America talk-radio show, Robbins suggested that Hillary kiss his posterior.

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