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Janet Jackson's Disney Malfunction
April 6, 2004

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

When it comes to generating publicity, Janet Jackson is acting a lot more like her bro these days.

At the same time that her Super Bowl halftime stunt continued to dominate the chitchat from the water cooler to the Federal Communications Commission hearings, Janet created some more controversy.

She made an appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" and let loose with some words that had to be bleeped.

Letterman seemed skeptical that Janet's so-called wardrobe malfunction was as accidental as she had claimed. When he insinuated that her famous flash appeared to be intentional, Janet used the Lord's name in vain. Her response was quickly cut by the censors.

Now Janet is revealing some more stuff about herself. She's gone public with her attitudes about sex and her unusual use of Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

While appearing on Ryan Seacrest's show, she explained: "I am a very sexual person and I have no feelings of shame. My sexuality gives me incredible energy and the reason I also have my piercings - they make me feel so sexual all the time."

Fueling further suspicions about the accidental nature of her wardrobe rip, she added, "I'm very confident naked, I'm very confident as a woman and I'm proud of the way I am sexually."

Then Janet spoke of her irreverent tattoo use of two of America's most beloved cartoon characters, saying: "I have a tattoo on my most private part of Mickey and Minnie Mouse involved in a sexual act. It's my sense of humor. My boyfriend thinks it is terrible. He loves Disney too much, but I just laugh. It's fun."

There's no word on whether Mickey and Minnie plan to seek an injunction.

While vintage Hollywood seemed to have a higher regard for its cartoon mice, the current celebrity community continues to accept fairy tale explanations about the war on terror.

Prior to the start of the war, Hollywood libs told us that a humanitarian disaster would occur if we invaded Iraq.

Leftists like Martin Sheen warned, "As the dogs of war slouch towards Baghdad, we need to be reminded that as many as 2 million refugees could become a reality, as well as half a million fatalities."

But recently the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported that Iraqis are actually returning to their country.

In fact, approximately three convoys a week of 300-500 refugees are going back. And under a repatriation program, 4,836 Iraqi refugees who were living in Iran have gone home.

The largest refugee camp had been the Ashrafi camp, located 150 km north of Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan. The refugees had been living there since the Iran-Iraq war.

Well, now the Ashrafi camp has been shut down. It closed February 2004 when the last convoy of Iraqis went back to Iraq.

Why are so many people heading back to Iraq? In a word ­ freedom.

Just think, with their brand new constitution, now if they want to they can even have themselves tattooed with images of Mickey and Minnie.

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