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Is Jon Stewart Hurting Democrats?
June 27, 2006

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Lately Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" has been lampooning Republicans a lot more than Democrats.

It's become so obvious to conservatives they've labeled the Comedy Central cable show just one more part of the left-tilting mainstream media.

If Stewart has been trying to assist the Left, he might be surprised to find out that he may have inadvertently helped the G.O.P. So indicates a study by a couple of political scientists at East Carolina University.

Democrats typically try to get young people to go to the polls because it is assumed that the vast majority of them will vote for the donkey party's candidates. (You may recall Diddy's "Vote or Die" campaign and Cameron Diaz's bizarre sloganeering in which she told young Americans, "If you think rape should be legal, then don't vote.")

East Carolina's Jody Baumgartner and Jonathan S. Morris showed some of Stewart's show coverage of the 2004 presidential campaign to one group of college students while exposing another group to coverage of the same campaign by "The CBS Evening News."

The researchers then measured students' attitudes toward politics and toward Bush and Kerry.

While the college students became more negative after watching "The Daily Show," they also said they had less confidence in the political system and the news media overall.

The study concluded that the pessimistic perception of candidates would keep young folks from going to the polls.

Since Stewart's news spoof is beloved by the same college students that Dems have been wooing, look for Dem strategists to start lobbying Stewart to host the Oscars again.

Speaking of Democrat strategies, TV morning host-turned-evening newscaster Katie Couric is taking a page from the Hillary Clinton playbook and going on a listening tour.

The soon-to-be CBS anchor will be touring a half-dozen American cities and having forums with residents to determine the kind of news broadcast she'll unveil this September.

Katie's listening tour is still in the planning stages, but events in Denver and San Diego have already been scheduled for July.

Apparently, Couric came up with the ear-inspiring idea so that she could get a sense of which issues are on the minds of Americans and how folks feel about media coverage.

There are no plans to put participants on camera, so they will supposedly be able to freely speak their minds.

If Katie happens to drop anchor in your town, tell her to do something brand new for CBS – unbiased reporting.

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