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Judicial Malfeasance - December 9, 2000

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

The pure and simple truth points regarding the Florida Supreme Courts Travesty:

Contaminated Ballots: These ballots which now constitute evidence have been repeatedly run through tabulating machines, handled by numerous partisans, transported across the state with ample opportunity for mischief.

Reinventing the Election: Deadlines ignored; loose standards imposed; rules changed after the game in violation of federal law. (Title 3, section 5)

Arbitrary Standards: "Counting standards are different within the same county as practiced by Palm Beach and Broward. Completely different methods of determining the "voters, intent are being practice in each of the 67 Florida counties e.g. dimples, pregnant chads etc.

Partial Manual Recounts: Undervotes only. (What about overvotes?) Expressly prohibited by Florida statute and therefore the Constitution of the U.S. (Article II, section 1)

An easy to remember acronym.

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