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Keys to a Hillary White House
July 25, 2005

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

There's a pretty simple formula that, if carried off, could result in Hillary snagging an Oval Office gig and Bubba grabbing the First Gentleman spot.

Step 1: Hillary has to look like a true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool, bona fide centrist.

Obviously, the flag-waving, troop-loving, pistol-packing, border-securing, born-again Goldwater gal from the mythical tri-state area of Illinois, Arkansas and New York has been working on her middle-of-the-roader image since her Yankee fan confession.

While her Hollywood pals have been helping her out all along, they're now stepping in with a really big assist.

In what looks like the most patent attempt to massage people's minds since Ashlee Simpson used the acid reflux alibi, ABC is set to launch a new political drama a la "The West Wing." Only in this TV series the prez will be wearing pastel pantsuits and matching pumps.

The slated show is called "Commander-In-Chief," and it will feature the statuesque Geena Davis as the first female president of the United States.

The elegant Natasha Henstridge ("Species" and "The Whole Ten Yards") has joined the cast as well. Henstridge will portray an aide to Donald Sutherland's Speaker of the House character.

The network is displaying an unprecedented commitment to the show. Promo ads for its fall debut have already started. And if Left Coast history is any indication, the series will remain on the air regardless of which direction the ratings winds blow.

Step 2: There has to be a Ross Perot redux.

Remember the guy who was "all ears"? The two times Bubba made it to the White House, this third-party candidate from Texas just happened to be hanging around to split the Republican vote.

FOHs understand the third-party game and have been on the lookout for a presidential candidate who has a national Republican following without any attendant establishment loyalties.

Lib dreams just may be coming true, not in the form of a Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan, but in the form of Congressman Tom Tancredo.

A recent headline read "Tom Tancredo Eyes White House Run." The Republican representative is hinting that he may take a stab at a presidential bid in 2008. The Colorado congressman has already made a trip this year to New Hampshire and Iowa.

Because of his staunch opposition to illegal immigration, Tancredo has repeatedly annoyed the Bush administration. In fact, he's caused so much irritation, in 2002 the GOP actually distanced itself from him, although the party is presently backing his re-election bid for the 2006 race.

Tancredo recently made some public statements that garnered a lot of attention. He suggested to a radio talk show host that if terrorists were to launch a nuclear attack against the United States, "you could take out" Islamic holy sites.

Host Pat Campbell then asked him if he was "talking about bombing Mecca."

"Yeah," Tancredo responded, qualifying his statement by saying he was "just throwing out some ideas."

The truth of the matter is a growing number of Americans are deeply concerned about the nation's immigration policies, and they see Tancredo as one of the only individuals in the Beltway who's giving voice to their views.

"Unless I misread the political tea leaves, there is a great deal of support for what I say," Tancredo told The Associated Press.

D.C. insiders don't give much credence to a Tancredo run. But in an era when ordinary citizens are energized to form groups like The Minuteman Project and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, it's possible that Tancredo could amass quite a following.

Perot's campaign focused on government waste. Not all that sexy.

On the contrary, Tancredo has hit on an issue that could make him a significant third-party candidate – and the means to transform ABC's "Commander-In-Chief" into a reality show.

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