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A Never Ending Litany of Shame
by James l. Hirsen


Accepting illegal campaign contributions from tyrants, traitors and thugs


Negating the integrity of the Constitution with executive orders

Exploiting private FBI and personnel files

Vetoing the ban on partial birth abortion

Enlisting the IRS to attack adversaries

Releasing terrorists


Eviscerating our national conscience

Normalizing trade by sanctioning slave labor

Demoralizing our military

Indicting innocent Travel Office employees

Numbing the minds of our schoolchildren

Grabbing private property without just compensation


Leading the charge for a global police force

Initiating military action to cover up scandals

Turning honest gun owners into felons

Assaulting free speech

Neglecting to enforce our borders

Yielding control of our national parks to the UN

Offering security secrets to China

Failing to implement a missile defense system


Smearing the reputation of critics

Handing over the Panama Canal to the communist Chinese

Advocating special rights for homosexual behavior

Mutilating the English language

Etc., etc., etc.

Copyright © 1999 -
James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.

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