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Michael Moore Takes Aim at Obama

February 1, 2010
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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Mock-umentary maker and Bush nemesis Michael Moore has a new administration in his sights — Obama’s.

The propagandist recently rebuked the Obama administration for its response to the Haiti earthquake.

In an interview with Democracy Now, Moore said, “ . . . The response from the — our government is once again this sort of, you know, clunky ‘we’re too big’ — you know the saying ‘we’re too big to fail.’ This is like ‘we’re too big to succeed.’ That’s what it feels like.”

Moore said that he felt really good on the first day of the Obama response, but then he added, “By the second and the third day, when no, you know, real help had arrived, and the concern turned, you know, mostly to how are the Americans doing there . . . It’s human nature to care about your own first, but I would hope, by this point, that we’re in a place where we just care about everybody and that we don’t see ourselves as more human or more worthy of life.”

When talking about the administration's failure to respond to the National Nurses Union, Moore mistakenly called the Obama administration “the Bush administration.”

After the gaffe was pointed out to him, Moore explained that the reference “wasn’t just Freudian. That’s really — that is my state of mind.”

“That is how I’m, you know, feeling, because I won’t accept the sugarcoated difference between the Obama administration and the Bush administration,” Moore said.

Something that thankfully is not getting the sugarcoated treatment is the upcoming remake of the 1984 John Milius film, “Red Dawn.”

Ever since the remake plans were announced, fans have been wondering just how much of the original premise would survive today’s politically correct filter.

The original flick centers on a Soviet invasion of the American Midwest. A group of teens come to the rescue in defense of their town and country.

The retooled “Red Dawn” is scheduled for release later this year, and based on some statements by actor Josh Hutcherson, it will retain the original film’s attraction for patriots.

“It's definitely a new interpretation,” Hutcherson told MTV News. “We've changed quite a bit of the story, but the heart of the story is there. The American, patriotic feel of the original, rising up against the invaders, is still definitely there. The Chinese are invading now, so we're switching that up just to stay with the times a little bit.”

Hutcherson revealed in a previous interview that in the battle scenes of the movie the special effects crew “blew up all of downtown Detroit.”

He disclosed that “blowing stuff up and shooting guns all day was quite an amazing experience.”

The actor plays the role of Robert, the same character portrayed by C. Thomas Howell in the original. Robert is a key member of the teen defense squad that resists the invasion.

Changing the invaders from the Soviets to the Chinese is a welcome relief.

It’s heartening to know that in the remake it’s still Communists doing the invading and not Tea Party Patriots, Scott Brown supporters, or in Hollywood's scariest imaginings, an army of Dittoheads.

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