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Michael Moore’s 'Blame America' Film
May 19, 2008

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Michael Moore recently toyed with the assembled press at the Cannes Film Festival about his next movie, tentatively titled “While America Slept.”

“I can’t obviously tell you what I’m really up to, because I want to be able to finish,” Moore said.

The Oscar winning documentary filmmaker insisted that the movie will not be a sequel to “Fahrenheit 9-11.”

Moore revealed that his next film will examine the U.S.’s actions and reputation around the world.

“We have a big, big mess,” Moore said. And I don’t know if it can be cleaned up. The toxicity of the spill is just that great.”

The fave of the MoveOn crowd added, “Since I made ‘Fahrenheit,’ our standing in the world had depleted to an even worse state.”

No Moore production would be complete without some President Bush bashing.

“He [Bush] and his cronies and his supporters literally got away with murder,” Moore explained.

He went on to say, “I am going to take a look at the empire we’ve created and ask the question, ‘How did we get here?’" adding, “Are we at the points where the Romans were?”

Somehow I think we already know what Moore’s answers will be.

In other political movie news, HBO is bringing a past election mess to the little screen.

Maybe it’s because James Baker doesn’t take Hollywood all that seriously.

Or maybe it’s because he’s repeatedly shown outmaneuvering his on-screen opponent Warren Christopher. But President Bush’s adviser at the time of the 2000 Florida recount seems to like the HBO movie that purports to recreate the Gore election contest after the 2000 presidential election.

Baker characterizes the “Recount” movie as “a very entertaining film to watch” and is even hosting a screening of the flick.

Even the former secretary of state’s criticisms are revealing.

“I don't think I was as ruthless as the movie portrays me,” Baker tells the New York Times, “and I know he [Christopher] was not as wimpish as it makes him appear.”

“They made me out to be a little more like Don Corleone than I really am,” Baker opines to Variety.

For his part, Warren Christopher, who is also a former secretary of state and was Gore’s go-to guy during the Florida recount, hates the flick.

The Democrat lawyer didn’t actually view the film but read a transcript of the scenes in which he appears. Christopher complains to The New York Times that “much of what the author has written about me is pure fiction.”

He also claims the scenes contain “events that never occurred, words I never spoke, and decisions attributed to me that I never made.” Christopher tells the Times that, unlike Baker, he wasn't given a script to review and only found out about the movie because his tailor was asked by filmmakers to reproduce one of his suits.

“Recount” writer Danny Strong explains that the reason he decided not to send Christopher the script was “because I didn't feel that he was being totally candid in our interview.”

Only a Hollywood screenwriter would be surprised that a Washington official was less than candid.

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