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Mind Bytes: Digital Devil - May 10, 2002

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

The Food and Drug Administration recently sped up its decision to clear the way for injection of the VeriChip into humans. This agency, which has obstructed alternative medicines and treatments in the past, has now determined that an injected chip designed to cross-reference personal information does not need to be regulated.

  • Advocates say that the chip will be able to communicate for you in the event you are unable to speak.

But the medical bracelet, necklace or anklet can do the same thing in a quicker, cheaper, easier and less-invasive way.

  • Advocates of the VeriChip are excited by the prospects of its use in law enforcement. The next generation of chips will incorporate GPS technology, which will make it possible to track an individual's whereabouts.

But thieves who dream of scanning information in public places are enthusiastic as well. So are kidnappers, who may already be sharpening their knives in anticipation of performing amateur chipectomies on future victims.

  • Advocates at the state, national and international levels have been working to create a national I.D. card. At a U.N. meeting last year, a universal registration and identification plan was discussed. The EU is considering a similar program. An injected chip may fit well with various I.D. plans-in-waiting.

But Americans would be wise to keep in mind the following formula:

Greater Information = More Power
Unlimited Information = Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power = Massive Government

The end result may just be the chipping away of liberty.

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