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A New Level of Infamy - September 10, 2001

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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Ronald Reagan enunciated that these kinds of events occur when the perception is that the cost of aggression is cheap. And after we take a deep breath and we have evidence of who perpetuated this, and if there is a sovereign nation attached to that, we must make certain that the price that is paid is very expensive.

We have all kinds of emergency powers, regulations, laws, statutes and executive orders on the books for this purpose, but we must be very careful not to let this tragedy be used as a reason to encroach on the Bill of Rights.

It's a time for solidarity. A time to take out the hyphens and realize that this is not an attack on liberals, conservatives, minority groups, rich or poor, but it's an attack on the American people. We ALL have been wounded!

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