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Obama Should Apologize for the Hollywood Hate
October 13, 2008

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Requests have been pouring in from the mainstream media and liberal politicians for John McCain and Sarah Palin to apologize and distance themselves from so-called divisive and intolerant comments made by rally attendees.

Referring to the words as “alarms,” The New York Times via Frank Rich cited the following: “The raucous and insistent cries of ‘Treason!’ and ‘Terrorist!’ and ‘Kill him!’ and ‘Off with his head!’ as well as the uninhibited slinging of racial epithets…”

“Doing nothing is not an option,” Rich wrote.

Georgia Rep. John Lewis issued a statement in which he characterized the McCain-Palin campaign as having a “negative tone” and stated that McCain and Palin were “playing with fire” and “sowing the seeds of hatred and division.”

“During another period, in the not too distant past, there was a governor of the state of Alabama named George Wallace who also became a presidential candidate,” Lewis informed.

He wrote that Wallace “created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans...” and that “because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama.”

Lewis later claimed that the statement was not comparing the GOP candidates to Wallace.

The Washington Post via columnist Khaled Hosseini used similar language in a piece titled “McCain and Palin Are Playing With Fire.” Hosseini decried the use by speakers at McCain-Palin rallies of Obama's middle name, Hussein.

Former Dem candidate John Kerry joined in, writing about "ugliness at the campaign rallies of John McCain and Sarah Palin."

Referring to the "insults and racial epithets" at the rallies, Kerry wrote, "I strongly condemn language like this which can only be described as hate-filled."

Meanwhile the Obama campaign said and did nothing as the following occurred:

  • Sandra Bernhard said that if Palin came to New York she would be "gang raped" by Bernhard's African-American male friends and also called Cindy McCain a "Barbie doll hooker."
  • Pamela Anderson said, "I can't stand her" and "she can s**k it."
  • After telling thousands of fans, "You know who can get off of my street? Sarah Palin," Madonna led fans in the following chant: "I'm gonna kick her a** if she don't get off of my street!" She later shouted, “This is the sound of Sarah Palin's husband's snowmobile when it won't start up in the wintertime” while letting loose with loud dissonant guitar feedback.
  • Cybill Shepherd called Palin an “American catastrophe.”
  • Betty White labeled her “one crazy b***h.”

When these big-name celebrity Obama supporters hurl their hate, it gets picked up, repeated and amplified by the mainstream press.

It’s time for Obama to apologize for the hate speech of his Hollywood pals, and while he’s at it he might also call off his biased buds in the media.

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