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Obama's PR Team Boosts Rush's Ratings

March 16, 2009
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

The Obama White House inadvertently has done something for Rush Limbaugh that the best media operatives in the world would give their Fendi shades to be able to do for their clients.

After picking the conservative icon to be its Alinsky-style target, the Screwtape Squad has almost doubled Rush’s already staggering radio ratings.

We can only imagine that the “geniuses” will try and pin the idea on the other guy: Rahm will blame it on Gibbs, Axelrod will lay it on Biden, Geithner will cuss out Holder, etc.

The attempt to make Rush the leader of the GOP has drawn more folks than to his show and education about true conservative principles.

Talkers magazine shows Limbaugh's weekly audience has shot up from 14.2 million to about 25 million since the bumbling media masterminds targeted him.

But the icing on the cake is that fewer people now will buy the idea that Rush is a ***! (Fill-in-the-lefty blank).

In an unrelated bit of unsubstantiated rumor, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Committee on Tolerance and Compassion plans to eliminate a previous designation that had been used to describe Hollywood actors, directors, and producers who were self-proclaimed Republicans.

Based on policy changes the Obama administration and international law are implementing, even conservatives, Christians, and Southern white males who are known to have strong to loose ties with the GOP no longer will have to wear the “enemy combatant” label.

The change of moniker is the result of an extensive review of policy relating to those with “out-of-favor” ideology, an Academy representative said.

“The policy alteration that we have made today meets with our standards and will serve to make our industry stronger and justicier,” said R.U. Kidding.

As a result of the new terminology, Hollywood GOPers now will be referred to as “unemployed detainees.”

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