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Oprah's A-List Obama Fundraiser
September 10, 2007

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Barack Obama’s left coast fundraising has hit a new high.

Obama has raised more money in California than in any other state.

April through June saw the Barack-star take in $4.2 million in the Golden State.

He had already acquired the high-powered support of Hollywood figures like David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and George Clooney.

But recently, Oprah Winfrey, the most powerful woman in show biz, raised an estimated $3 million for Obama’s campaign in just one evening.

At her palatial estate a ways north of Hollywood near Santa Barbara, 1,500 people shelled out the maximum contribution allowed by law, $2,300 each, for the Illinois senator and presidential hopeful.

Interestingly, the media were not invited.

Along with Oprah, Barack and wife Michelle who posed for individual pictures, the celebrity guest list included Sidney Poitier, Forest Whitaker, Chris Rock, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evans, Lou Gossett Jr., Cicely Tyson, Ellen Pompeo, and Stevie Wonder, who also performed.

Word has it that Stevie’s sweet crooning was loud enough to drown out the shrieks from Chappaqua.

In another big “Hollywood Nation” illustration, some students at Georgetown University Law School will have the opportunity in the 2008 spring semester to analyze the counterterrorism tactics of Fox TV network’s Jack Bauer and earn credit for their tube efforts.

A course titled “The Law of ‘24’” will be offered at the higher institute of learning and part-time professor Lt. Gen. Walter Sharp, staff director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be teaching the course.

It is a for-real class that grants law students two credits as they acquire, according to the description in the catalog, “a detailed understanding of a very wide range of U.S. domestic and international legal issues . . . in the context of the utilitarian and sometimes desperate responses to terrorism raised by the plot of ’24.’”

The class meets on Tuesday nights so events of the most recent Monday night episode will be fresh on students’ minds.

Rumor has it that Johns Hopkins plans to offer “The Medicine of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” Harvard “The Business Administration of ‘The Office’” and UCLA “The Developmental Psychology of ‘Supernanny.’”

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