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ABC Producer Bares Hollywood Bias
July 30, 2005

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D
contributor to

The producer of ABC's soon-to-hit-the-air Hillary commercial, which takes the form of a series called "Commander In Chief," recently confirmed what conservatives have long suspected about Hollywood: It's a liberal stronghold both people and product-wise.

Rod Lurie, who made the movie "The Contender," where Joan Allen played a female vice president, is now out talking about his TV series that has Geena Davis playing the first female president.

Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post recently reported on some of the comments Lurie made at a press tour for the show.

A question was asked that had Lurie, Davis and the rest of the cast flummoxed, and it wasn't a brain buster off of "Jeopardy."

"Is anybody onstage a Republican? Openly?" a TV journalist queried.

No one responded.

Lurie launched into a little verbal soft-shoe.

"It's not like when I hired them they had to fill out a questionnaire and say, 'I'm a Democrat,'" the producer shared. "We come from a community [of actors and filmmakers] that happens to be mostly Democratic."

He then shimmied into a little chastising. "With all due respect, your question is loaded; you had to know the answer before you asked," Lurie grimaced.

Another question came up that made reference to Martin Sheen's character on "The West Wing." The producer was asked whether prime-time television has room for two presidents.

Lurie glided over into Bush-bash mode. "Absolutely. We can have two presidents - we have two presidents in Washington now," he chortled.

The curious timing of the show with respect to the unofficial but obvious candidacy of Hillary Clinton was discussed.

Lurie mused aloud that "it's naive to think that a woman can actually do an effective job in the primaries, unfortunately, but if Hillary does win the nomination, we're going to take credit."

Distressingly, should Hillary pull it off, they may be entitled to.

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