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Reading Between the Lies - April 15, 2002

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

As the ache of winter recedes, the three-headed beast makes its way toward daylight. Clad in a protective covering of peace, it leaves in its wake an excess of hatred and propaganda.

Its heads nod in synchronized motion. On one side sits the European left. On the other, the campus mobs. And dead center is the U.N. and all its affiliates. Each is draped in the Palestinian flag. And each has turned its face from Israel.

The anti-Israeli themes that the beast has embraced are uncomfortably familiar. They are a by-product of a long, deep and dedicated campaign, reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels' efforts during the Nazi regime. The seeds of loathing that were planted over decades in fertile fields of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty have now blossomed into false martyrdom.

Since 1948, in thousands of articles, hundreds of books and untold broadcasts from Arab sources, individual, political, religious and economic success has been extolled as emanating from one singular event ­ the liquidation of the nation of Israel.

In this depraved philosophy, the final solution to Zionist aggression rests with the elimination of the Jewish people. If Israel defends her sovereignty, her actions are characterized as attacks. Arab assaults on Israel, on the other hand, are portrayed as acts of self-defense. The annihilation of Israel has mushroomed into a common understanding within the Arab world. Anti-Israeli lies are spread by a coalition that only professes to seek peace.

The European Left

Western Europe, with its spokespersons on the left, now openly displays contempt toward Israel. The antagonism takes the form of editorial and political commentary. While political leaders have the "excuse" of needing to pander to Muslim populations within their respective countries, the intelligentsia has no such justification.

European commentators refer to Israel's anti-terrorist action in the West Bank as "genocide." There is also talk of economic sanctions, recall of ambassadors and reduction of bilateral relations unless Ariel Sharon abandons Israel's military approach in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Spanish foreign minister has recommended that, as a prelude to sanctions, EU members recall their ambassadors from Israel en masse.

The German government, which has been a consistent supporter of Israel, has now declared an arms embargo against her.

The European Parliament has adopted a strongly worded resolution that calls for economic sanctions against Israel. Though non-binding, the resolution would likely put pressure on European governments to modify their relations with Israel. Strange that the European Union said and did nothing when the Palestinian Authority's homicide bombers recently killed 83 and wounded 374.

Campus Mobs

The same kind of rhetoric is surfacing in a venue that has traditionally been dominated by the left - the U.S. university. The hate-America crowd is in full force, spewing out antipathy for Israel.

A newly fashioned anti-war movement, which looks like the peace movement of the '60s, is in vogue. But this one uses a slogan that was lifted from the U.N. conference in Durbin: Zionism = racism. At 30 U.S. universities, students are showing solidarity with the Palestinians. Students are crying out for boycotts of Israeli investments and businesses. The same tactics employed against old South Africa for apartheid are being used in colleges today.

The U.N. and Its Affiliates

Supranationalists at the U.N. have also fed into the motives for the current brand of terrorism. Only days before America was attacked on Sept. 11, the U.N. World Conference Against Racism held a virtual hate fest against the U.S. and Israel.

On the first day of the conference, the tone was set when Yasser Arafat named Israel as a racist state that "practices racism and adopts ethnic cleansing." Arafat asked those in attendance to issue a condemnation of Israel. Strange again that U.N. gatherers ignored the slurs against Jews, which were repeatedly aired on Arafat-controlled Palestinian TV.

As synagogues in Europe, Canada and Australia were vandalized and burned to the ground, the U.N. sat curiously silent. And to date there has been no heartfelt condemnation of the series of homicide bombings.

Just recently, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for the deployment of an armed international force to Palestinian areas. Annan also left open the question of whether the brand new International Criminal Court might be used against Israeli officials.

It appears as though the creature has gained strength in the passing months. It has feasted on fear and energized itself with hate.

But those of decent mind know that the time has come for the three-headed beast to be tethered. Once bound, it will remain so only if we are able to fasten its jaws with the chains of fairness and break its spirit with the yoke of truth.

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