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Reverse Blacklisting
August 23, 2004

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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Reverse Blacklisting

I've got a whole chapter on it in my book "Tales from the Left Coast." It's the concept that those in Tinseltown with conservative leanings are hesitant to express their ideas publicly because, if they do, it can be detrimental to their careers.

Now if you go out looking for a blacklist dispatch, chances are you're not going to find one. And it's unlikely that we'll be seeing SAG hearings held on the subject any time soon. But I know from my research and firsthand experience, and the tons of personal communication I've had with those who have suffered, are afraid they may suffer, or who have suffered mistakenly, that reverse blacklisting is very real and potentially devastating.

That industry folks would contact me over the years with the proviso that I keep their names private is understandable, given the way Republicans, libertarians, patriots and people of traditional faith are treated by the Hollywood establishment. The discovery that a person has such tendencies can quickly land him or her on the Tinseltown rebuff list. There are, of course, several members of the Hollywood community who are outspoken about their beliefs and quite frankly don't give a rip, but they're usually the ones who have already achieved the level of success that affords them the luxury of thumbing their noses.

It just so happens that, in its September issue, Details magazine is outing Hollywood GOP sympathizers. The magazine claims that, in order to address the celebrity deficit that the GOP currently has, the Republican National Committee has unveiled a list of stars who veer toward the Republican side of the aisle.

Some of the names, like Jessica Simpson and Shannen Doherty, are already known. But others are more unexpected, like Adam Sandler and Freddie Prinze Jr., although Prinze's wife Sarah Michelle Gellar has been known to lean right in the past.

In a related article, Sony producer Mike DeLuca has stepped up and acknowledged his Republican affiliation, describing the reaction in Hollywood as the equivalent of being "exposed as a serial killer." DeLuca pointed out some lefty hypocrisy, saying, "They scream about the environment before they hop onto their private jets and blow 8,000 pounds of fuel getting to the Hamptons."

One of the celebs named in the Details article has responded to the outing incident via her publicist and has done so in an entertaining and quasi-historical manner. The star is Mandy Moore, and the New York Post has reported the response as, "Mandy is not, nor has she ever been, a Republican."

I'm half expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to a news flash that has Mandy asking the prying reporters of Details magazine this question: "Have you no decency?"

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