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Sarkozy's Delivery of Polanski Plea to Obama Is Absurd

April 26, 2010
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has hand-delivered a letter to President Obama from fugitive director Roman Polanski.

In the letter, Polanski evidently requests that Obama provide leniency in his case.

During the recent Washington, D.C., summit on nuclear proliferation, Sarkozy slipped the letter from the Oscar winner and fugitive from justice to Obama, according to the French periodical, L’Express.

The politics of a president's going to bat for a person who admitted having unlawful sexual relations with a 13-year-old and subsequently fleeing the country is ill-advised to the point of absurdity.

Sarkozy apparently assisted Polanski in gaining release from prison on $4.5 million bail and being placed under house arrest at Polanski’s Swiss chalet.

In helping spring Polanski from the jail cell, “The president [Sarkozy] has been very effective,” Polanski’s sister-in-law, actress Mathilde Seigner, told the Le Parisien newspaper,

Not so effective these days is Harry Reid’s campaign.

Reid is in big trouble in Nevada.

In fact, no matter which Republican is put up against him, the numbers show the Senate majority leader down 8 to 18 points.

Leave it to political types to come up with a far-fetched spin on the election.

Reid’s campaign people are claiming that the polls are wrong because a significant number of the voters in Nevada will choose “None of the above” on their ballots.

According to the Reid folks, with the electorate angry at the federal government, the combination of “None of the above” and third-party candidates will skim enough votes from the GOP to beat the leading Republican candidate, state party leader Sue Lowden.

But Republicans have provided polls showing that, even when voters are presented with the full ballot of eight candidates plus “None of the above,” Lowden still beats Reid by 10 points.

It shows a new kind of desperation when a campaign boasts about winning by skimming.

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