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Schwarzenegger Riles the Left and Warren Beatty
September 26, 2005

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently came out in favor of an initiative that would mandate that parents must be notified before a daughter who is under the age of 18 can have an abortion.

Proposition 73 would create the commonsense requirement that doctors give a parent or legal guardian written notice before performing an abortion on a young girl.

Built into the California ballot measure is an exception that allows for a pregnant girl to petition a juvenile court judge to waive the parental/guardian notice if a doctor believes a delay caused by the notification requirement would endanger the girl's life.

Schwarzenegger made a comment in an interview with the Sacramento Bee that if someone took one of his own two teenage daughters in for an abortion, he would "kill" the person.

He later explained that he did not mean for the statement to be taken literally.

Schwarzenegger pointed out the contradiction that exists today, where a school must notify parents when a child receives first aid after a schoolyard scrape but the same minor can obtain an abortion without her parents' knowledge.

Schwarzenegger also created a stir with his endorsement of Proposition 75, which in fairness would require public employee unions to get written permission from members before using dues for political activity.

And on another hot-button topic, the governor publicly praised the citizens' border patrol known as the Minutemen. He has already put in a request for more border guards from the federal government and announced plans to speed up construction of the final 3.5-mile section of a 14-mile border fence that runs through San Diego.

Schwarzenegger's positions have predictably upset left-of-center individuals and organizations.

Interestingly, actor-director and longtime Democrat activist Warren Beatty has entered the political picture. Beatty is looking more and more like a candidate himself, speaking out against the governor and his policies.

Beatty's rhetoric has fueled speculation that he may turn the governor's race into a Hollywood bout.

While at an awards banquet in Beverly Hills last March and during a graduation speech at U.C. Berkeley last May, the star of "Shampoo," "Bugsy" and "Bulworth" fame launched some verbal missiles against Schwarzenegger.

Most recently, Beatty spoke at a nurses' convention and accused the governor of accomplishing "little or nothing in office." He also characterized Schwarzenegger's governorship as being full of "fake events, fake issues and fake crowds and backdrops."

Beatty referred to the ballot initiatives that the governor has endorsed as "union busting" and "fascist."

Democrats seem to be enthusiastic about the name recognition and telegenic qualities of Beatty, which stand in contrast to the more conventional images of other candidates in the running such as Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly.

As for me, I'm hoping that "Reds" Beatty experiences "Ishtar" success.

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