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George Soros and Howard Dean Conspire With Media
October 24, 2006

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

ABC's Web site, The Note, recently confirmed what many Americans have long suspected: The mainstream media coordinate their coverage with leaders from the Left.

In a revealing report, The Note detailed a series of startling admissions, the first being that "the Old Media" are "giddy with excitement over the prospect of the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Mehlman machine losing" but also "filled with guilt over complicity in an Iraq war it wants ended."

With broad grins and breathless patter, the mainstreamers telegraph their glee despite the fact that the Old Media find themselves on life support, as exemplified by NBC's recent maneuvers to consolidate its cable and broadcast news divisions and slash its staff.

Still, the Old Media remain mesmerized as they gaze at their own images. The Note described them as "flush with anticipation over two years of anti-Bush leaks from a gavel-wielding Henry Waxman, and substantially more interested in revelations about congressional pages than in trying to tell voters the truth about whether or not the economy is strong and getting stronger."

While they artificially stretched the Foley case from days to weeks of coverage, they gave short shrift to the remarkable stories of moderate inflation, robust growth, shrinking deficit, strong productivity, low unemployment, tame inflation, manageable interest rates and record-breaking stock markets.

Largely ignored as well was Senator Harry Reid's concealment of a $1.1 million land deal, which yielded the Democrat minority leader some tidy profits.

More importantly, ABC's site exposed exactly whom the Jurassic journalists have been seeking approval from, and it is not just their editors. The Note explained that the Old Media "can barely contain itself on its secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros."

Conference calls? It appears as though a morning check-in with Soros and Dean has been a routine occurrence. On the particular occasion in question, the accord apparently spread even further.

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"It was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative (‘The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption," The Note reported.

This means that from now until Election Day the public is likely to see more segments from the Old Media designed to divide conservative Christians (like the numerous book-hawking appearances by David Kuo sharing his tale of woe), additional polls that over-sample Democrats (like the recent NBC-WSJ poll that surveyed Democrats at 43 percent and Republicans at 37 percent) and, of course, more treacherous leaks.

The Note's "it was agreed" description of the cunning conference call suggested that a bargain between participating parties had been struck.

Guess the Faustian Old Media hate the Grand Old Party so much they are willing to sell their journalistic souls to regain power.

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