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Spain Labels ‘Saw VI’ Porn

October 26, 2009
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

The plot-less, torture-filled "Saw VI" film was bludgeoned at the box office this weekend by “Paranormal Activity,” a flick that cost about $15,000 to produce.

"Paranormal" was number one with $22 million as opposed to the disappointing $14.8 million for the “Saw VI” debut, the worst opening ever for Lionsgate's “Saw” series.

Despite expanding nationally, the independent film is on 36 percent fewer screens than the “Saw” movie. “Paranormal” was shown in 1,945 theaters compared to the 3,036 theaters that featured “Saw VI.”

“Paranormal” has taken in an astounding $62.5 million as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the “Saw” franchise is having problems overseas.

The Spanish Culture Ministry Film Institute recently gave “Saw VI” an X-rating because of its malevolent and explicit extreme violence. It now will be shown in pornographic film theaters, where it belongs I might add.

The X-rating prevents a wide release of the film since it cannot be shown in commercial theaters. It will be allowed only in the eight theaters in Spain that feature X-rated films.

This is the first time the Spanish ratings commission has designated a movie X-rated because of violence.

The distributor, Buena Vista, has filed an appeal of the decision.

In other overseas news, a real-life plot line is developing that may exceed the imagination of even the most creative of fiction writers.

The lead cast member is one of the world's most eligible bachelors, a man who is about to become Monaco’s ruling monarch.

Prince Albert has been trying to avoid the kind of extortion attempt that TV talk host David Letterman allegedly suffered.

The royal evidently retained former undercover FBI operative Robert Eringer to enlist his help in finding potential dirt that his enemies might be able to use against him.

But the espionage veteran ended up becoming Prince Albert’s worst nightmare.

In addition to his spying activities, Eringer has worked as a journalist. Interestingly, he also writes fiction in the espionage genre.

Eringer was employed by Prince Albert as an in-house spy between 2002 and 2007.

Reportedly, while engaging in his investigative work for the prince, Eringer discovered one of the young monarch’s associates with a video recording of a woman engaged in a sexual act with the prince as part of a 40th birthday bash.

The former FBI operative has filed a lawsuit against Prince Albert claiming that the prince owes him hundreds of thousands of dollars. The aforementioned video recording is disclosed in the suit papers that have been obtained by The Times of London.

Stanley Arkin, the prince’s lawyer, claims Eringer is trying to “extort” money from his client.

Prince Albert is the only son of Grace Kelly, the American actress who left Hollywood to become a real-life princess.

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