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Tiger Woods, Bullock Endure Sordid Scandal Details

March 22, 2010
By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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A lot of marriages manage to endure in spite of some terribly bad behavior on the part of one or both partners, the marriage of a former president providing a prime contemporary example.

Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, whom the actress thanked at the Golden Globes for “having her back,” released a public apology after reports surfaced in the tabloids that he had cheated on Bullock.

James indicated that most of the allegations are untrue, contended that he had only himself to blame and is declining to talk about the matter further.

In the case of Sandra’s spouse, the “celebrated” source of the infidelity information is a tattoo model who in the past had posed in salacious photos as a Nazi.

James’ apology is reminiscent of Tiger Woods’ recent press conference in which he expressed sorrow for his extramarital activities.

In Tiger’s case, women are continuing to contact media sources and hire lawyers and publicists in an apparent means of cashing in on the affairs and the intense public curiosity.

The latest is former porn star Joslyn James, who is now telling the press that she has additional things to reveal about Woods. Purportedly, even after she had posted more than 100 sexually graphic texts on her Web site, attention on Joslyn had died down.

An apology, of course, is a necessary step in achieving any peaceful resolution.

However, when it comes to unfaithfulness in the celebrity world, everything becomes hyperinflated for all parties involved. This makes it all the more difficult to alleviate tensions, soothe hard feelings, make amends, and repair damage.

Difficult, but not impossible. If, after an apology, contrite actions and sustained commitment to the relationship follow, then healing of the marriage potentially can take place.

The media and the other female partners in the Woods and James scenarios might search to see if, instead of more sordid details, videos and the like can be produced, some apologies of their own could be retrieved from their consciences.

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