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Tim Robbins' Theatre of the Absurd -
December 1, 2003

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Not content to merely fill the wires with his mindless orations on the war in Iraq, Susan Sarandon's sidekick is trying out his propaganda drive in a new forum ­ the stage.

Actor and lead marcher of the anti-war shrill team Tim Robbins has penned a play that purportedly shows what really went on during the initial phase of the war in Iraq.

Robbins, who is directing the theatrical production as well, discharges some rhetorical ammo at the embedded journalists who gave America the most intimate look at warfare ever.

Despite the fact that he wasn't actually in Iraq during the fighting, in his play Robbins nevertheless makes embedded reporters look like accomplices of the Pentagon, turns coalition troops into murderers and bandits, and paints the administration with a war-abusing political hack brush.

The cast of White House advisers includes such unimaginatively named characters as "Rum-Rum," "Pearly White," "Woof" and "Dick."

The officer in charge of the embedded units is a figure named "Colonel Hardchannel." Col. Hardchannel calls his embedded journalists his "bitches" and filters and alters all news coming out of Iraq.

Robbins even includes a character known as "Jen-Jen Ryan," a young female soldier who is turned into a hero by the media for deeds that she never accomplished.

I suspect that Robbins will soon be whining once again about the "chill wind" in America when it's pointed out that his play is filled with deceit and is an insult to all who have risked life and limb for freedom.

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