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War Already Declared - September 13, 2001

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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This is not a temporary news cycle, singular act, attack or mere criminal matter. This is a declaration of war on the American people and must prompt a response in kind.

There was once an unwritten rule that could be stated as follows: Because sufficient fear of American resolve existed, terrorism was carried out on embassies and military facilities outside of our borders, but not within our continental shores. This unwritten rule was challenged because of lack of a forceful enough response to previous incidents. Deterrence was thereby eroded. Now, with this declaration of war on the American people, we can no longer rely on rhetoric, diplomacy or pressure on allies to combat terrorism.

We must not fool ourselves. We cannot simply put all of this behind us and go back to "business as usual." We know too well, America will never be the same.

Congress must pass a formal Declaration of War. This will clearly and unambiguously communicate our intentions to the world and grant legitimate power to the executive branch. It will also place this firmly into the military and intelligence realm, rather than leaving it as a criminal or legal matter.

Our goal must be simple: Immediately begin a campaign to eradicate terrorism from the world. If we do not, future generations will pay an unimaginable price.

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