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YouTube Censors Obama Abortion Record Video
September 22, 2008

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
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YouTube has ordered the removal of a video from its site.

The starring character of the exiled video is none other than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

The Kansas Coalition for Life has produced a film clip called “Obama: WRONG Change for Children.” It provides facts on Obama's voting record on abortion-related bills, including his refusal to ban partial birth abortion, to grant parental notification before an abortion is performed on a minor, and to protect babies born alive as the result of a botched abortion procedure.

YouTube sent the Kansas Coalition for Life a boilerplate note stating that the video was being blocked because it did not meet a “Community Guideline.”

The “problem” with the video appears to be that it exposes some facts about Obama that may potentially turn some voters against him.

“The video is in no way distasteful, pornographic or outside of the ordinary,” the Kansas group’s director Mark Gietzen says.

The piece starts with a disclaimer, which warns of upcoming “graphic images” that “Obama supports.” Although it briefly shows a photo of an aborted baby, YouTube has a large number of similar images of aborted children posted on its site.

According to Gietzen, the video “was pulled only because it makes a simple, clear statement about what Obama's change is all about.”

Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization, has come to the free expression rescue and posted the video on its site.

The YouTube execs who booted the video might try Googling the words “political” and “censorship.”

YouTube apparently doesn’t feel the need to employ “Community Guidelines” in the case of a video attack that uses the vilest of language against GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

In a YouTube video of Sandra Bernhard, the hateful comic can be seen attacking Palin with horrendous viciousness.

Bernhard can be viewed and heard calling Palin “Uncle Women,” a “turncoat b***h and “wh**e,” amid a sortie of other vulgarities.

Bernhard recently made news for a line she threw out about Palin, which she claims was just part of her New York act. She said Palin would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she entered Manhattan, according to the New York Daily News.

Bernhard suggests that the ugly statement was “part of a much larger, nuanced and, yes, provocative — that's what I do — piece from my show about racism, freedom, women's rights and the extreme views of Gov. Sarah Palin, a woman who doesn't believe that other women should have the right to choose.”

“Women deserve better,” Bernhard added.

She then attempted to clarify things but not without giving another jab.

“I certainly wish Governor Palin no harm. I'd just like her to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views — and then go back to Alaska,” Bernhard said.

She told the Express Night Out Web site, “I’ll have things to say about John McCain — and Cindy McCain, who I find to be a Barbie doll hooker, you know. But I'll find a fun way to say it.”

More fun? Guess even that word has to be redefined.

Her stage show, titled “Without You I'm Nothing,” is scheduled to come to the nation’s capital during September.

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